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Local presence: We're rooted in US, Florida, and Eastern Europe, offering a blend of understanding and efficiency.

Cultural alignment: Born in Poland, molded in America, we understand and seamlessly merge two markets.

Experience: Leverage our 20+ years of industry experience for your benefit.

Rapid time-to-market: We value your time and strive for swift, efficient delivery.

Cost-effective solutions: We offer competitive rates without compromising on quality.

Our core focus areas include:

  1. Software development
  2. Cyber security
  3. Managed services

Why choose us for your daily collaboration?

Wide Talent Pool: Gain access to 10,000+ technical software talents. • Rapid Response: Specialists and dedicated teams set up within one week. • One point of contact: Simplified project management for various software projects. • One agreement: US-based liability, insurance, and responsibilities, for peace of mind. • End-to-End Responsibility: We take care of all processes from inception to completion - although we aim to never end our collaboration.

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