Introducing Causeway Bridge to Innovation LLC (CBTI) - Bridging Business Cultures, Expanding Horizons

Transatlantic Business Bridge: CBTI is a vanguard, extending the successful business model of a European cooperative to the vibrant markets of America, and fostering a shared transatlantic business culture.

Established Presence: Founded on October 1, 2018, as a Florida Limited Liability Company, CBTI is committed to creating North Atlantic business synergies in response to growing demand.

Strategic Location: Florida, with its wealth of IT talent and potential partners/resellers, serves as our strategic hub for cultivating preliminary relationships in the US.

Expert Representation: We represent a cadre of technologists, designers, and other experts specializing in development, security, monitoring, prevention, and multilevel analytics.

CBTI - Forging New Frontiers in Transatlantic Business Collaboration.

Introducing the Mission of Causeway Bridge to Innovation LLC (CBTI) - Delivering Unparalleled Quality through Three Integral Elements:

Quality: Polish developers are earning global recognition for their outstanding quality, with Poland leading the Central and Eastern European region in terms of its pool of software developers. Out of Poland's population of nearly 40 million, 254,000 are developers. This quality hasn't gone unnoticed, as it's been recognized by industry giants such as Microsoft, IBM, and Citi.
Trust: Our unique position allows us to comprehend the nuances of the European market, both formally and culturally, while also providing local expertise in Florida. We bridge these two worlds, fostering trust and understanding in our transatlantic collaborations.
Innovation: CBTI proudly supports innovation. As members of Women in Technology International, we back American startups and contribute to numerous research and development projects. We provide daily advice on the best approach based on the latest trends in IT.

CBTI - Our mission is to deliver a blend of quality, trust, and innovation, driving your business to new heights.

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Polish by birth, American by soul