Causeway Bridge to Innovation LLC (CBTI) is the business development bridgehead to extend the existing business model of a cooperative of EU companies to new American horizons and to nurturing a transatlantic business culture.

  • CBTI was established on October 1, 2018 as Florida Limited Liability Company.
  • CBTI was initiated in order to accommodate a rapidly increasing demand for North Atlantic business synergy between our markets.
  • Florida was selected as the landing zone for initiating strategic preliminary relationships in the US given the abundance of IT talent and potential partners/resellers.
  • With respect to products/technologies/services, CBTI represents technologists, designers and other experts in areas of developers, security, monitoring, prevention and multilevel analytics.

CBTI’s mission is to deliver a new level of quality through integration of three key elements:

1) Quality - many of reports show that for example Poland is one of the best place to outsource developers (
2) Trust - we understand how EU market is working from formal and cultural perspective.
3) Safeness - we are local, close to you.