Causeway Bridge to Innovation LLC (CBTI) is the business development bridgehead to extend the existing business model of a cooperative of EU companies to new American horizons and to nurturing a transatlantic business culture.

  1. CBTI was established on October 1, 2018 as Florida Limited Liability Company.
  2. CBTI was initiated in order to accommodate a rapidly increasing demand for North Atlantic business synergy between our markets.
  3. Florida was selected as the landing zone for initiating strategic preliminary relationships in the US given the abundance of IT talent and potential partners/resellers.
  4. With respect to products/technologies/services, CBTI represents technologists, designers and other experts in areas of developers, security, monitoring, prevention and multilevel analytics.

CBTI’s mission is to deliver a new level of quality through integration of three key elements:

1) Quality - quality of Polish developers gets more and more recognition, with almost 40m population Poland is #1 country in Central and Eastern Europe when it comes to pool of software developers - you can find 254 000 developers in Poland. This direction has been recognized by the largest brands like Microsoft, IBM or Citi.
2) Trust - we understand how EU market is working from formal and cultural perspective and at the same time we are local here, in Florida. 
3) Innovation - We are part of Women in Technology International and support American startups as part of many research and development projects. Every day we advise the best approach based on the latest trends in IT. 

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